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Digital Accessibility Services – Your Access Buddy!

Arinos is devoted to making your documents accessible to individuals who require assistive technology to have the document read out aloud. With over 20% of the population suffering from some form of disability, Section 508 was created to make content and documents accessible to everyone. This has given way to many firms offering accessibility services across the globe.

Top in Class Pdf Accessibility Services in USA

In order for the assistive technology to read a document, it is critical that the document is modified to include tags that enable the reader to access the text as well as any other content that might be included like images, tables, flowcharts and so on in order to have a complete reading experience. At the moment, there is no technology yet that can automatically tag documents and make it ready for assistive technology. This is where Arinos comes in. The highly qualified experts at Arinos are well versed in tagging, checking and validating documents to make sure that they are 508 compliant. The Accessibility Pdf Services offered by Arinos has been lauded to be the best by experts in the field.

Accessibility by One of the Best Accessibility Testing Companies

Companies and businesses have started realizing the importance of making their content and documents accessible to everyone. It allows them to reach a wider audience and experience better customer satisfaction. Arinos has worked with several companies that are devoted to offering the full experience to their customers. Accessibility Testinghas been helping companies and businesses achieve this success for some time now. It is time to include the disabled and give them access to everything they have been missing out on till date!

If your organization requires everything to be 508 compliant, the experts at Arinos are here to help. With well-planned on strategies, document remediation will be carried out as per the guidelines. With accurate tagging, any PDF document can be made accessible via a screen reader, changing life instantly for disabled individuals. Section 508 has established a common set of guidelines so that companies and organizations can break down barriers and be accessible to a wider audience than before.

Designing For Accessibility – Distinct & Required for

The team at Arinos is well versed in the art of designing for accessibility. With plenty of years of experience in documentation remediation and PDF accessibility, your digital documents are in safe hands. Arinos also offers to train your staff to help them understand how to achieve a 508 compliant document and various practices involved in achieving it. It is time to make your site accessible to everyone, no exceptions!